Luis Barragan

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Works Casa Antonio Galvez, at San Angel, Mexico, 1954.

Casa Luis Barragan, at Tacubaya, Mexico, 1947.   Article at ArchitectureWeek


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Luis Barragan

(b. Guadalajara, Mexico 1902; d. Mexico City, Mexico 1988)

Louis Barragán was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1902. After he graduated with a degree in engineering in 1924, he travelled extensively throughout Europe. His future design ideas were shaped by the Moorish architecture of Southern Spain, the domestic architecture of the Mediterranean, the gardens of Ferdinand Bac, the theories of Frederick Kiesler, and the writings and theories of Le Corbusier.

Barragan designed his early works in the International Style. However, in 1945 the ideas generated by his travels through Europe and by his own sense of Mexican "regionalism" synthesized into a personal design style. Additionally inspired by native artwork, Barragan sought to create an architecture that retained its vernacular roots while it strove for spiritual beauty and harmony with nature. Barragan has tried to recreate the serenity and beauty of his childhood surroundings through a romantic approach to landscape architecture.

Unlike his contemporaries he adhered to the theories of painter and landscape architect Ferdinand Bac who focused upon the garden as a magical environment. Thick walls, small openings, bright colors, and the use of natural material characterize his mature compositions. These later works also depend on the delightful interplay of sunlight and water for much of their success.

Barragán died in Mexico City in 1988.

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Recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, 1980.

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