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   Contributing to the Great Buildings Online   


Please help us with building and maintaining the award-winning Great Buildings Collection.

GreatBuildings is made possible by the generosity of visitors like you, from travel fans and students to professionals and academic reseachers, all around the world. Great Buildings is a place to share and explore our love of wonderful places. We invite you to join us in this fundamentally cooperative web publishing adventure.

Submit Your Architectural Photos, Drawings & 3D Models to GreatBuildings

We welcome and appreciate serious contributions to the Great Buildings collection of architectural images. Contributions which are accepted for publication at GreatBuildings are credited online, and protected by copyright.

This one page web form makes it easy to submit images to GreatBuildings:

Contribute Images Here

We've recently posted a list of buildings for which we are particularly seeking contributions. The increasing numbers of images coming in are making for great progress filling in the online collection!

We can only accept images which you have taken yourself (or which you otherwise own the copyright to), because only the copyright holder can authorize image usage. When sending images, please use the JPEG format with maximum quality for all images you send to us. (And please see the Image Contribution Form for additional details.)

For contributions of 50 or more images, the Photo CD process by Kodak provides an ideal way to archive and share your slide and negative images. Please contact us by phone or email to coop@greatbuildings.com to discuss appropriate arrangements for very large contributions.

When you contribute photographs to the Great Buildings Online, a special, entirely optional benefit is that Artifice can serve as a licensing agent for images published in the Great Buildings (either non-exclusive or exclusive), to handle requests for commercial image reproduction and collect appropriate fees on approval of the contributor. Participating photographers receive 50% of the licensing revenue, payable quarterly, with the rest going to cover licensing staff and expenses. For information on how this is presented to our clients looking for content to license, please see our Image Licensing page . All contributions are protected by applicable copyright law.

Contributions of Support

If you'd like to help support GreatBuildings, please send $1.00 or more today. Your contributions help maintain this premiere online architectural reference. Contributing is quick, easy, secure, and private through either of these links:

Contribute directly to GreatBuildings

Your support helps keep this unique free archive of world architecture live online and thriving.

Discuss at the Architecture Forum

A great way to get involved is to share your thoughts with the extended design community online at the Architecture Forum discussion forum, and at the related Architecture Students Forum.

Post to Archiplanet

Archiplanet is a community-constructed collection for all the buildings, building users, and building creators on planet Earth. "Community-constructed" means we are creating this site together, with 117,785 pages as of 26 August, 2009, viewed more than 64 million times to that date. Archiplanet uses the same easy open source MediaWiki software as the famous Wikipedia. Any registered user can edit or create almost any page at Archiplanet, with helpful support from the Archiplanet staff.

Contribute to ArchitectureWeek

Journalists, design firms, and construction firms are all invited to submit projects and articles ideas to ArchitectureWeek, our weekly companion publication to GreatBuildings, covering current issues and events in design and building worldwide.

For More Information

If you have architectural information or media to share online, we would love to hear from you. We welcome and appreciate contributions to the Great Buildings Online at every level, in the form of suggestions, links, references, appropriate text, photographic images, architectural drawings, and/or 3D building models in DesignWorkshop format.

For more information on any aspect of contributing to the Great Buildings Online, please contact our online publishing department, by sending email to coop@greatbuildings.com. We'll do our best to respond within two business days.

Special Thanks to our Current Contributors!

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