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  Licensing Photos and Content from the Great Buildings Online  

Most of the photographs, 3D models, and other multimedia items in the Great Buildings Online are available for commercial licensing on cost-effective terms, through Artifice Images. Copyright for some content is owned and licensed directly by Artifice Images, including some photographic images and most 3D building models, and Artifice is authorized to act as agent for the licensing of other content, including most of the online photographic images in Great Buildings. A small fraction of the content published in the Great Buildings Online is controlled entirely by third parties, or may be in the public domain.

Artifice Images - Photo Licensing Inquiry Form
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1.  Please list the images (or other content) you're interested in licensing:

             Preferred listing format is the full URL of the display page for each image, copied and pasted from the browser location bar, such as:
or for images from our offline archive list, just provide the image ID number (as shown in that list).
2.  Name of primary Publisher or Advertising Client:
3.  Title of Publication or Production Client:
4.  Indicate the type of media for which use would be licensed:
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Print Media:  newspaper, magazine, book, newsletter, brochure, annual report, exhibit, other print
Cine Media:  film, television, commercial, documentary, other cine
Online Media:  web page, online ad, other internet, CD-ROM disc, DVD disc, other online

5.  Indicate the type of publication for which use would be licensed:
  Educational, Journalistic, Memorial, Commercial, Advertising
6.  Indicate the type of audience for the which use would be licensed:
  Internal: Internal Only (secure), Internal Primarily
Public: Local, Statewide, Regional, National, International
7.  Indicate the extents for which use would be licensed:
  Size of Audience

      Print Run:

      Broadcast Audience:

      Online Audience - monthly visitors:

Display Size

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Duration of Publication

Repetitions of Publication

8.  Indicate the level of photo credits you will provide with this use:
  Credit Line:

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Image linked to Great Buildings:

9.  Indicate the image resolution and file format you would prefer:
  Images are normally delivered electronically, by email or FTP file download.

Image Resolution (approximate):

    Resolution Guide —
    Medium, 768 x 512   = full web page, thumbnail at 300 dpi
    High, 1536 x 1024   = 5"x7" at 200dpi, 3"x5" at 300dpi
    Maximum, 3072 x 2048 = 10"x15" at 200dpi, 7"x10" at 300dpi

Preferred File Format:

10.  Budget:
  Your approximate budget per image for this licensing request: 
11.  This licensing request is being placed by:
12.  Optionally, please include any comments that might clarify your inquiry and/or help us to respond appropriately.

For more information, you can also contact Artifice Images by regular email, to rights@artifice.com. Please be as specific as possible in your inquiry, so we can provide a quicker and more complete response. For instance, for inquiries regarding reproduction rights for specific photographs, please include in your message the exact web location (URL) of the page displaying each photograph.

An initial response to most licensing inquiries can usually be provided within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions, and whenever you are ready to make a specific licensing inquiry.

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